2017 School Captains

Georgie Stone and D'artagnan Holt are our 2018 College Captains for their final year at Elwood College. Both have been very active participants in College life throughout secondary school.

Georgie and D'Art accepted their new roles at the 2017 Presentation Evening. Here's what they had to say:

D'Art: "Looking ahead to 2018, we are very excited to be moving into the new space, and we are privileged as College Captains to help share the opportunities we have had in the past five years to each member of the College community. With a growing student body, it is paramount that we grow together celebrating diversity in an inclusive safe community while fostering academic, creative and sporting excellence. I am humbled to be College Captain and honoured to be working with Georgie."

Georgie: "This school, and all the staff and students in it, have supported us so much. They have not only taught us, but also shaped us, grown with us. We both want to give back to our community as best we can. I look forward to being able to work with the students, teachers and of course, D’Art, to help further the growth of our great school. In particular, I want to use my connection with a vast array of students and teachers to promote diversity and inclusiveness, and encourage others to speak up."