2019 College Captains

Our new 2019 College Captains Sabrina Phillips and Hugo Radovanovic welcome you back to another school year at Elwood College. These students embody the well-rounded education we encourage and foster at Elwood, both within and outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Sabrina has been an active member of the Student Representative Council (SRC), including her role as committee secretary, in her efforts to support her younger peers and enact positive change in the school.

Along with each receiving Academic Awards over the years, both Hugo and Sabrina have regularly made valuable contributions to the school’s arts scene, with Hugo acting in numerous whole school productions and Sabrina painting sets and working backstage as well as acting in VCE Theatre Studies productions, and each receiving the Arts Award in recognition of their artistic talent and efforts. Both have been part of House Theatre Sports and hosted the annual SRC Film Night, in which Sabrina won People’s Choice Award in 2018 for her VCE Media short film, Collins St, 9am. Hugo and Sabrina have each participated in house sports events throughout their education at Elwood. The recipient of a Sports Award, Hugo is well-known amongst his peers for his cycling exploits, participating in competitions as well as taking part in the Great Victorian Bike Ride as part of the Elwood College cycling team, the Seahorses.

When asked what she loves about Elwood College, Sabrina cites a “culture where the teachers are your friends and treat you as equals, each student’s quirks and individualities are celebrated, and the community is one that is positive and genuinely supportive.” Hugo praises Elwood College for the “student-teacher connections, array of student opportunities, exciting events run year-round and opportunities to be challenged with freedoms and responsibilities.”

As 2019 College Captains, Hugo and Sabrina have targeted missions they would like to accomplish. Hugo will endeavour to “make the school experience inclusive, exciting and prosperous for all students and have a positive impact on their mindsets towards school, and life in general.” Sabrina would like to “encourage the students of Elwood to recognise the opportunity they are given in their education and seize it wholeheartedly, by getting involved as often as possible, trying their best, and respecting each other, their environment and themselves.”