Accelerating Jonathan

When a student shows a particular academic ability, we look to accelerate their learning to whatever degree is necessary, while ensuring they remain connected and involved in their peer group.

Talented runner and triple jumper Jonathan Zuk has a mightly leap on the athletics field but he's also taking giant strides in the classroom.

The Year 9 student is studying two Year 12 Maths subjects and Year 11 Chemistry this year, with his teachers and parents monitoring his workload along the way to make sure it's the right fit. This follows his successful completion of Year 11 Maths Methods last year.

Jonathan’s talents quickly became apparent after just three maths classes in Year 7. His classwork was accelerated through his individual learning plan and, once well settled in at secondary school, Jonathan took the opportunity to study Maths Methods during Year 8.

Mathematics Domain Leader Lan Tran said Jonathan proved he was very able to cope with the more challenging curriculum and study load required for VCE subjects.

In 2015, Jonathan also achieved outstanding results in maths competitions. In the Australian Mathematics Competition he scored in the top 1 per cent of students and received a High Distinction Award. He was then invited to participate in the Australia Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad, a four-hour contest for students in Years 7-10. Of the 1440 entrants, Jonathan was one of 123 students to receive a High Distinction. This led to a further invitation to the Tournament of Towns in November 2015, where he represented Melbourne against students from more than 100 other cities worldwide.

Jonathan trains with the Sandringham Little Athletics Club. He has represented Elwood College and his club in running and triple jump and made it up to state level in the triple jump event. Keep up the great work Jonathan!