All Good Sports in Theatresports

Our renowned music and drama program is led by teachers who are always looking for opportunities for students to build their confidence - on and off stage. Following our House Theatresports competition, three Elwood teams competed in the 2014 Theatresports in Schools State Challenge. Year 8 student Harry Stone reports on a win for one Junior team and a 'Best Scene' award for another.

Sundays are interesting, especially when you’re improvising an act in front of uncomprehending civilians in the game of Theatresports. On August 10, which just happened to be a Sunday, many lovers of performing arts in Elwood College (including myself) attended the Theatresports in Schools State Challenge. We were joined by many art lovers from schools all over the state.

The Elwood College junior teams were made up entirely of Year 8 students. The Dynamic Trio+ 1 featured Georgie Stone, D'Artagnan Holt, Jack Dando and myself (pictured). The Tic Tacs comprised Victoria Loizides, Ledia Terolli, Niamh Mulcahy and Maggie Kontev. Representing the Senior Team were Amelia Adams from Year 11 and Year 10 students Sol Charles, Sinead Mulcahy, Izzy Hally and Rory Townsend.

We all created scenes that we had to make up while we were performing and most of them turned out pretty well. Some of Elwood’s scenes included Santa Claus hiding a corpse under all his fat, an inexperienced bungee-jump instructor accidently killing all the tourists and even some ‘genius’ portraying Batman.

Presumably, we all enjoyed ourselves as much as the audience, who gave us a fantastic reception. In the end, our team ‘The Dynamic Duo + 1’ scored the most points on entertainment value and scene structure and won a silver-painted squirrel (the Junior Silver Squirrel Cup). Yeah, so the day turned out unexpectedly well. The Tic Tacs won Moment of the Match for the best scene. Our senior team got equal 6th place, only six points behind the older, very experienced winning team. Congratulations to all our teams and our rival schools as well.

Above all, we’d like to thank Mr Green for ‘training’ us for this competition for weeks. He is a great inspiration to us all and we couldn’t have come so far without him. He was missed on the day.

We also had fantastic feedback from parents who attended.

Kazz Stafford

“They were all stars. What was so pleasing was the joy expressed for the win by both teams. Thank you, Matt (Green), for the opportunity for our kids to take part in such a confidence-building experience. It was lovely to see the seniors enjoying the success of the younger team. Whilst the win was fantastic, it was heart-warming to see them having such fun while representing Elwood College with pride and grace. Yep, I am one proud parent who is truly grateful that my son attends a school that nurtures the whole person and encourages them to take positive risks.”

Hilary Mulcahy

“We had the most brilliant afternoon watching the Elwood students in the Theatresports competition. What impressed us most was the way they worked together, no one hogging the limelight and supporting each other. The easy interaction and support between our juniors and seniors was a joy to watch. It was once again one of those glorious “Wow, Elwood students are gorgeous!” moments.”