Bronze Medallion

Students are gaining lifesaving and public safety skills in Year 10, thanks to a partnership with the Elwood Life Saving Club. As part of the Physical Education program, students work towards earning Bronze Medallion, CPR and Radio Communication qualifications, qualifying them to volunteer as lifesavers. This is a fantastic challenge for the students, giving them important skills and a real sense of achievement.

Year 9 student Melissa Thomas reports.

Every Thursday afternoon, Year 10s who have signed up for the Bronze Medallion program walk down to Elwood Life Saving Club and participate in learning surf survival skills. This is the third year of the Bronze program at Elwood College, which was originally started to build a stronger sense of community between the school and Elwood Life Saving Club. Club president David Wyloce is a major part of the program’s success. The program is run through Phys Ed class and goes for 45 minutes.

After arriving at the Elwood Life Saving Club, students are given pink LSC swim shirts to change into and then run through a series of activities. Today’s focus was using the surf rescue boards. Other skills they work on include surf swimming and learning how to rescue someone using a rescue tube and a rescue board.

In order to obtain their Bronze Medallion certificate, the Year 10s must show proficiency in:

  • 400m swimming in nine minutes in a pool;  
  • passing their First Aid certificate;
  • completing a run-swim-run (200m each) in eight minutes; and
  • performing a rescue individually and as part of a team.

Here’s what our students have to say about the program:

"It’s good to learn about lifesavers and what is actually required.” Vanessa

“I have enjoyed learning new skills and doing something I have never done before.” Georgie

“I really enjoyed improving my skills and learning new things.” Klara