A Day of Sky

Georgie Stone reports on the 2017 Whole School Production.

It’s safe to say that when we first heard about the “showcase” of songs we were going to perform instead of a musical this year, we were a little confused. It was difficult for us students to picture exactly what a “showcase” would look like. As soon as rehearsals started however, our misgivings were soon squashed. This was the first time that we could make our own musical with an array of songs we love. We could create the story and the characters ourselves and collaborate as a cohort to make a show we were proud of.

Year 11 student Harrison Stone created a completely original script (based on Miss Carson’s original concept.) Throughout the rehearsal process, students worked together with Mr. Green and Miss Carson to block, edit and rehearse scenes. From a student perspective, it was inspiring to see the older students help the younger students with lines and performance. Each student was determined to get the job done and showed signs of comradeship with peers and teachers alike. We have managed to put together an incredible original production that we are all proud of.

Thank you to Harrison Stone and D’artagnan Holt for co-directing and all the other students who put in so much effort to make this show happen. Thank you Miss Carson and Mr Green for guiding us through this process and giving us the opportunity to create and perform in such a safe environment. The creation of this show will be an experience we will never forget.