Exploring talents

Elwood College offers a rich co-curricular program that allows students to explore their talents while building friendships and social skills. Developing students’ confidence beyond the classroom also results in better academic outcomes.

Students can take advantage of our generous music and arts program, a range of sports, debating, our student-run newspaper, school camps and our annual study tours to Japan and France.

We celebrate both excellence and effort in our students’ sporting endeavours, whether in athletics, cross country or swimming sports, the Great Victorian Bike Ride or representing the college in inter-school sports. We know that physical exercise is so important for the health and wellbeing of young people, so we incorporate it into college life both formally and socially.

Our students’ artistic talents are regularly showcased at events such as school assemblies, House Performing Arts, the school productions, the annual talent and art shows, and choir and band performances in the community. At Elwood College we cherish our students’ array of musical talents, and in addition to classroom music lessons, students can undertake instrumental or vocal tuition onsite at the college.

Elwood College’s broad range of co-curricular offerings complements the academic program to provide students with a well-rounded education and an opportunity to pursue their passions.