Foodie Fanatic

One of two Year 7 Learning Leaders, Tim Purcell quickly makes an impression with his infectious enthusiasm for food, soccer, cycling - and anything he puts his mind to! Food Technology students love his MasterChef competitions in the kitchen. His boundless energy also comes in handy on the Great Victorian Bike Ride: every year, he rides many extra kilometres, as the designated rider who drops back with any cyclists needing support on big hills and long stretches.

Here's Mr Purcell's enthusiasm in his own words:

"To say that I am a person who is extremely excited about food is a bit of an understatement (I am obsessed!!!!!). I am always thinking about food and coming up with new ideas of how to cook food. If you are a student who is also passionate about food, I think that we will be able to brainstorm some brilliant ideas and create some exciting recipes within Elwood’s MasterChef Kitchen. I am very lucky that my other passions are cycling, running and football (more so soccer) which help to keep me well balanced with all the tasty food that I consume. You will see me helping out on the bike when I can on a Wednesday afternoon with the Cycling sports group (this is a very exciting program). I also like to spend some lunchtimes having a game of soccer and a really good run around, keep an eye out for the colourful array of team jerseys!

In 2014 I was extremely lucky to go to The World Cup of Football in Brazil. This was a huge goal and achievement for me and I am really excited to talk to any soccer fans about my experiences.

My teaching career actually began in the UK of all places. Ever since I was in early primary school, I have had a dream and goal to travel and see the world (most particularly the Parthenon in Athens, from studies of ancient Greek mythology). After a few years of hard work at school and university, I was lucky enough to achieve this goal. The experiences that I have gained from travel have really helped to shape the person that I am today. 

I was initially drawn to Elwood College due to the intimate size of the school but I have been very impressed with the range of subjects on offer to extend student learning. So far, I have been having a fantastic time at Elwood and finding it very easy to fit in, due to the extremely positive and caring culture of both students and staff. I am also super impressed by the passion and skills that students have so far displayed within the MasterChef Kitchen, which really excites me for the many amazing learning experiences that lie ahead."