Great Vic Bike Ride

Cycling over 500 kilometres together through rain, hail and shine is becoming a wonderful team-building tradition at Elwood College. We have participated in the Great Vic Bike ride for the past three years with students and staff to join the epic ride again in 2015.

In 2014, teachers Dylan Johnson-Turner, Tessa Henley and Scott Burton, former student Liam Thomas and parents Tim Gray and Paula Harding joined 25 students to form Team Seahorse.

Student Murphy Daniels wrote this fantastic report.

The Adventures of Team Seahorse

After days of rigorous training sessions and endless weeks in preparation, the time had finally come.  Once again, united for another year, the Seahorses were away, competing in their yearly challenge, The Great Victorian Bike Ride. 

Guided by the wisdom of teachers Dylan Johnson-Tuner, Tessa Henley and Scott Burton, students from all year levels spent ‘a week in another world’ as they rode 520 kilometres.  Travelling from Albury to Lilydale, the Elwood College students overcame the tremendous challenge that the ride presented.  Each day, every rider was faced with different obstacles, varying from the forever changing weather to the seemingly never-ending hills.  From hail storms to blistering heat, Mother Nature did her best to ensure only the committed would make it.  If the hail storm that broke some of the camper’s tents wasn’t enough, the 32-kilometre climb up King Valley certainly was. 

Although the tests of body and mind were painful to say the least, riders were constantly rewarded with beautiful views and newly formed friendships.  Banding together under the Seahorse name, Elwood College became known around the event as a tight-knit group always working together to ensure we all succeeded.  The memories that were created will last a lifetime but the journey is not over.  As 2015 comes and goes, the Seahorses will once again rise, stronger than ever, to rediscover the Goldfields of Victoria on next year’s journey from Ballarat to Bendigo.