Hannah McCaughey – Human Rights Lawyer, Senior Company Executive

Attended Elwood College 1989 - 1994

"Attending Elwood Secondary College was one of the most formative experiences of my life. I had many teachers of the highest quality (who I could still name and many of whom are still there) who took such attention to nurture and grow my love of learning.  It was at Elwood that I was first mesmerised by T.S.Eliot, captured by Slyvia Path and captured by Romeo and Juliet.  It was at Elwood where my love of history began - as well as my awareness of the agendas of mass media.  However as much as learning literature, maths and science, Elwood College taught me about people - about how to get along with every type of person, from Eastern European refugees to punk culture.  I learnt to stand up for myself as well as to laugh at myself.  I have no doubt that the success of my time in East Timor was enhanced by understanding how to get along with others different from myself, and how to respect cultural differences, and how to stand up for what I believe in - and Elwood College was certainly a crucial part of having these important understandings."

Based in London, Hannah McCaughey is the Head of Renewables at AgFe, a London-based company specialising in renewable energy financing, where she manages its geothermal related investments and capital raising.  Before joining AgFe Hannah was Vice President of Group Funds, Climate Change Capital in London where she helped raise the largest private sector carbon fund in the market with a combined value in excess of €1.5 billion.  In 2007 she was an Official Delegate of a UK business delegation  accompanying UK Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, on an official visit to China to discuss business and climate change.  In 2007 Hannah was awarded the Sir Vincent Fairfax Fellowship for Leadership and Ethics.  From 2000 to 2002 Hannah was the Constitutional Program Director for the East Timor Foundation for Law and Justice in Dili and an Official Advisor on the East Timorese Constitution.

After graduating from Elwood College, Hannah completed a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at Monash University and a Masters of International Law at University College London where she graduated first in her class and was awarded the Chen Chan Nang Prize for International Law.


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