House Swimming

Year 9 student Melissa Thomas reports on the 2016 Swim Carnival.

Elwood College hosted its annual House Swimming Carnival at MSAC on 18 February. Students were encouraged to sign up for as many races as they could to earn points for their house. Year 7s continued to engage in the school by being the most highly participating Year in their races.

The weather of the day started off pretty cool and gloomy with showers threatening. Luckily, the outdoor pool was under cover and it began to warm up as the day went on.

The day started off with a House Parade around the pool. Students wore their house colours and marched to create as much support and noise as they could for extra points. There was lots of chanting, jumping and clapping as students worked to show off their house pride. Mr Green was the commentator throughout the day and, in his usual style, kept students engaged throughout each race.

The 200m medleys began the races and 400m relays finished off the day. After all the official races were over, an extra “All In” race allowed every student to swim for their houses. Each swimmer that finished the 50m earned one extra point for their house, and they were allowed to go back to the beginning and earn another point as many times as they could within the seven-minute timespan. The aim of the “All In” race is to encourage all students to get in the water.

The highlight of the day was probably when Mr Burton dived into the water to help a struggling student. The MSAC lifeguards did not look concerned so he jumped in, wearing his shirt, shoes and all! His very heroic act was met with a big round of applause from students on the bench as he came out of the pool in soaking wet clothes.

A Year 12 vs the Teachers race was also a highlight of the day. There were two staff teams alongside two student teams. There was lots of cheering in the crowds, for and against their favourite teachers. Like last year, the teachers took out the title.

The Swimming Carnival was a great start for the first House event of the year. These events encourage students to participate in the successes of their house, while having fun and expressing their interests at the same time.

Congratulations to Byron house members on winning the swimming carnival. 

At the end of the year, the House that has earned the most points through participation and quality of work will be announced. There are still three more House events to go, so who will win this year? 

Photo by Year 12 student Ana Burenkova.