Lest We Forget

The Elwood College Choir and 2016 Captains represented us beautifully in the Anzac Day ceremony at Elwood Sailing Club. Captains Billie Rae and Nelson Dean both gave impressive, meaningful speeches. Here are excerpts from both speeches:

“Finding the right path, looking after those who are downtrodden, and maintaining bravery in the face of adversity. Those are the lessons that Australia and New Zealand learnt when the first Anzacs embarked on a journey that would present horrors none of them could have anticipated. The 420 thousand Australians and over 100 thousand New Zealanders who served in World War I faced unimaginable tragedy. Many were only 17, as young as I am. These young men thought they were going on an adventure, and without our young nation having ever faced a global conflict of that scale, the consequences were unforeseeable.” Nelson

“I think it is important we try to imagine what war would be like, what soldiers and service men and women go through, and why we need to commemorate the significance of this day. I can never hope to understand the true horrors of war, which is why I hope to convey my gratitude today and pay my respects. These men and women represent Australia and the values we hold. The loyalty, determination and strength we possess. They inspire and teach the youngest of us to be brave and courageous. They enable us to appreciate our lives and the safety and security we have in Australia.” Billie