Man of Languages

Having grown-up bilingual and mastered two other languages along the way, Felix Lofgren knows the challenges and rewards facing students learning EAL (English as an Additional Lanuage). Felix also teaches Humanities and brings his musical expertise to the college musical.

Tell us about your career and education before Elwood College?

I studied at the University of Melbourne and worked as an English teacher in Stuttgart, Germany. Outside of teaching I have also worked as a sports coach at various secondary schools in Melbourne. 

What do you enjoy about teaching EAL and Humanities?

I grew up bilingual in Swedish and English. I have also spent a lot of time in both Spain and Germany learning their respective languages, so I know what it is like learning an additional language. Learning a new language is a challenge but it is also hugely rewarding. That is what I enjoy most about teaching EAL – enabling students to overcome these challenges and to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with mastering an additional language.

One of my undergraduate majors was History. History is a passion of mine and to have the opportunity to teach it every day is incredible. I am also thoroughly looking forward to teaching the other disciplines in Humanities, such as Geography, Business and Economics.

What drew you to Elwood College?

Elwood College has a wonderful diversity of students, enthusiastic and supportive staff (who have made me feel very welcome), great facilities, and it is a highly regarded institution in the local and broader community. It also has the added bonus of being close to where I live!

Tell us something about your life outside work.

I love music. I play the cello, piano and guitar. At the moment I am playing contemporary music in an instrumental duo with an old friend of mine from primary school days. I’m looking forward to helping out with the Elwood College musical later this year!