Music Rocks

Elwood College students are encouraged to explore their talents beyond the classroom. This fantastic report by Year 8 drummer Henry Lucas shows how we support our students, in this case, in the pursuit of rock greatness. 

Many weeks of hard work, gruelling practice and broken guitars had led up to that crucial and frantic moment in our blooming musical careers. It was the day of the Battle of the Bands.

A few months ago, much to my parents delight, I had the clever idea of buying my very own drum kit. This opened up a whole new path that I could continue down to further increase my musical prowess. My fellow guitarists and musical aficionados and I (Hugh Cowie and Orlando Treleani) started to meet at various lunchtimes to muck around and play random songs that we liked. 

These recurring get-togethers had turned some heads in our direction, including head music teacher, Ms Paxton. Apparently last year's Battle of the Bands was a huge success, so Ms Paxton was on the prowl for new talent to compete. On the day of our talent show audition, only five weeks before the Battle of the Bands, she caught us before we left and asked us if we would be interested. Naturally, we said yes with no second thought or information, not knowing what we would be getting into.

But it was too late to change our minds so we started to practice. The songs that we picked were: White Unicorn by Wolfmother; Are you gonna be my girl by Jet; and finally Holiday by Green Day. After a couple of weeks of practice at my house we pretty much had all the songs down pat. But then we realised we didn’t have a singer. You can't be a band without a singer. So once again Ms Paxton came through and suggested Georgie Stone to be our singer. At that point we were confident and ready for the big day.

At 9am on Thursday, 28 August Orlando, Hugh, Georgie, Mr Harte and I left the school and took the hour-long bus trip to the event. As we walked into the foyer we asked one of the teachers where the theatre was but what we heard made our stomachs drop. We were in the wrong place. We had turned up to the wrong school with our bus driver already ten minutes away with no phone.

So we called a taxi to take us to the right school. We finally settled at the theatre and it was soon our turn to step up to the stage. As the drummer of our band, I sat down on a raised platform with a shiny new drum kit and the rest of the band assumed their positions. Orlando on lead guitar, Hugh on bass guitar and Georgie at the microphone. We played our songs to the best of our ability and we enjoyed every second of it. Our performance was congratulated with thunderous applause along with a thumbs up from Mr Harte.

Sadly we didn’t win any prizes but we gained a lot of experience and would definitely like to compete again next year.