International Student Camp 2019 - Tasmania

This year’s International Student Camp saw our students flying over the Bass Strait to Tasmania. Year 10 student Richard Kullman reports on the trip.

Last week, we, 27 international students from Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Ukraine, Brazil, Portugal and Vietnam, travelled together to Hobart, Tasmania.

On our first day, the 14th of May, we all gathered together at Elwood College at 7:30 in the morning. Fortunately, everyone was there on time, so we left for the airport, a bit tired but very excited about the trip. Without any problems we arrived in Hobart and met our nice bus driver who would accompany us for the next four days. From the airport we went straight to the Hastings Caves State Reserve where we enjoyed a tour through the beautiful caves. After that we went to our accommodation, the Riverside Motel & Villas in Hobart. We, the boys, had two big houses for ourselves and were very satisfied with that.

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The breakfast the next day was great and strengthened us as we made our way to Richmond. There we visited the oldest bridge and the oldest church of Australia. Then we went on to Port Arthur. Port Arthur is an old convict settlement, and, on our tour, we learned a lot about the convicts and the other British settlers. Before we had lunch, we went on a forty-minute harbour cruise. After that we had free time until dinner. When we finished dinner and it was dark outside, we did a scary ghost tour through the old site. Our guide showed and told us about the dark and evil events that took place, but we survived the haunted place and were rewarded with a bravery award.

The next day we visited the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. The park features animals like Tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas, cockatoos and even some koalas but the main attraction was the very big group of kangaroos which we were able to pat, cuddle and hand-feed. With those we spent most of our time and had lots of fun. After we had lunch, we travelled on to Curringa Farm. The farm has 300 hectares of land with over 3000 sheep and fields to grow different plants. With our bus we had a tour around the farm and we were shown how the farmers bring the sheep together with the help of their dog. Then we went back to the main farm and had a very nice afternoon tea with scones, cream and jam. The weather was really nice and we enjoyed our time, playing with some of the sheep dogs. When we finished the afternoon tea, one of the farmers demonstrated how he shears a sheep. Back at the motel we had dinner and then went to our houses.

The last day, the 17th, we packed our bags in the morning and after breakfast we drove to the city of Hobart. We wandered around Salamanca where we had free time until after lunch and explored the city.

Our flight back was fine and we arrived around 6:10 pm at Elwood College.

All in all, it was a great trip and we had lots of fun.