Tuesday, 12 June: Curriculum day; no students at school (extending the Queen's Birthday weekend for students).

Friday, 29 June: Term 2 concludes.

Monday, 16 July: Term 3 commences.

Friday, 21 September: Term 3 concludes.

Monday, 8 October: Term 4 commences.

Monday, 5 November: Curriculum day; no students at school (creating a 4-day Melbourne Cup weekend for students).

The main role of the Parents of Elwood College group is to connect the parents/carers within the school community.  The group assists to facilitate various school events throughout the year, including the school production, student talent night and parent get togethers, as well as fund raising at the regular monthly Elwood Farmers Market held at the college. 

Zoe Eyles and Lorien Medina have both receivied a ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award.

Students conducting experiments L-R Lily Lau, Sayler Delves, Ali Thomas and Eden Saunders

National Science Week commenced on August 11 and students across the school got involved with lunchtime science experiments and demonstrations, including 'Methane Bubbles', 'Elephant's Toothpaste' and a titration competition where Junior School students had the opportunity to practise experimental procedures and scientific skills that they normally would have to wait until Middle School to engage in.

Dennis Harrison attended Elwood High between 1961-1964. He is a retired Geologist, Writer and Tai Chi teacher. These are some memories of his time at Elwood and life after school.