Tuesday, 12 June: Curriculum day; no students at school (extending the Queen's Birthday weekend for students).

Friday, 29 June: Term 2 concludes.

Monday, 16 July: Term 3 commences.

Friday, 21 September: Term 3 concludes.

Monday, 8 October: Term 4 commences.

Monday, 5 November: Curriculum day; no students at school (creating a 4-day Melbourne Cup weekend for students).

The main role of the Parents of Elwood College group is to connect the parents/carers within the school community.  The group assists to facilitate various school events throughout the year, including the school production, student talent night and parent get togethers, as well as fund raising at the regular monthly Elwood Farmers Market held at the college. 

Staging Harry Stone’s comedic fantasy Taletellers took the efforts of 33 talented young actors, 15 dedicated creatives and stagehands, a few wise old staff members, and a pair of ex-students dragged back to school to helm the whole production. 2016 graduate Tully Mauritzen brought her organisational skills and relentless positive attitude to the mammoth combined role of producer-production-manager-stage-manager, while I personally provided a bunch of fun games and daggy jokes to make the whole cohort cringe.

Eric Farrugia reports on the Live Music is Good for You Festival.

Every year our music teachers gather us together to perform at the Royal Melbourne Hospital's 'Live Music is Good for You' Festival in May. This year, all 22 Elwood College students did a great job at revitalizing the hospital community's soul and energies, as music is one of the supreme forces of healing.

Our college debating team is going strong, having won two recent debates in an interschool competition run by the Debaters Association of Victoria. We actually have two teams this year, with members meeting on Mondays in the Resource Space. Year 7 and 8 students are in charge of research (and in training for lead roles) while our Year 9 students lead the debates at competition. Elwood College is the only state school competing at this level.

Team members are pictured here with teachers Miss Ella Broughton-Cunningham and Mrs Susan MacDonald. They are (left to right): Alexandra Thomas, Lily Lau, Deidre Gaylard, Zeta Hamilton-Durkin, Paris Malthouse, Kitty Smyth (Captain) and Amy Richardson (Captain).