Junior School Awards

Congratulations to our Year 7 and 8 award winners, who received their awards at Presentation Night.

Year 7

Academic Achievement: Monica Ising, Finn Kluge, Maggie Lambrechts, Lily Lau, William McCarthy and Eden Saunders.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Aditya Arya and Gigi McQueen.

Sports: Briealyn Bartleet and William McCarthy.

Citizenship: Timna Shushan.


Year 8

Academic Achievement: Blanche Flaster, Amy Richardson, Nicholas Sinodinos, Oliver Smith, Kitty Smyth and Felix Tam.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Zeta Hamilton-Durkin and Zisis Zikos.

Sports: Spencer Curran and Enya Talbot.

Citizenship: Kitty Smyth.


Elwood College Basketball Academy

Outstanding Achievement AwardAlexandra Thomas (Year 7)

Coaches’ Excellence Award: Nicholas Kearney (Year 8)