New Queer-Straight Alliance

As part of the Safe Schools Coalition, Elwood College is proud to be home to a diverse, inclusive community of students. As a reflection of this, we are excited to announce that Year 12 student and SRC Senior School President Raffy Blay is creating the school’s first Queer-Straight Alliance.

Queer-Straight Alliances (QSAs) provide a safe, supportive space for LGBTQIA+ students along with their allies.

Raffy wanted to start the QSA because he “felt that there was a need to have a tangible way to encourage diversity and connections at Elwood College based on identity.”

The QSA is for “any student at Elwood College who is interested in engaging with discourse surrounding gender, sexuality and identity as well as students who want to seek support or advice from peers.”

“The QSA will run like an organised club with leadership roles and fortnightly meetings. Within the meetings we will discuss important events coming up such as the Pride March and Wear It Purple Day, share resources and news, have guest speakers, workshops and discussions and screen films.”

Students have received an email with a form to express their interest in joining the Elwood College Queer-Straight Alliance.