Tuesday, 12 June: Curriculum day; no students at school (extending the Queen's Birthday weekend for students).

Friday, 29 June: Term 2 concludes.

Monday, 16 July: Term 3 commences.

Friday, 21 September: Term 3 concludes.

Monday, 8 October: Term 4 commences.

Monday, 5 November: Curriculum day; no students at school (creating a 4-day Melbourne Cup weekend for students).

The main role of the Parents of Elwood College group is to connect the parents/carers within the school community.  The group assists to facilitate various school events throughout the year, including the school production, student talent night and parent get togethers, as well as fund raising at the regular monthly Elwood Farmers Market held at the college. 

The acclaimed VCE Baccalaureate is awarded to students for completing Units 3 & 4 in Mathematical Methods, a Language other than English (LOTE) and achieving above 30 marks in English or above 33 in English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Elwood College congratulates the following students for receiving the VCE Baccalaureate.

Assisting our students to achieve their best in the VCE is a source of pride. We measure our success by consistently excellent VCE results and seeing our students move on to exciting futures which we have helped them plan. The vast majority of our students go on to tertiary study with a high rate accepted into their first choice of university course.

Zoe Eyles

Arriving at the end of 13 years of school calls for a lot of retrospection. Most of us have only spent about 5 years of our lives not attending school, and of course, we don’t even remember most of our days of drawing pictures of people that look like happy potatoes and adults letting us think we were master hiders in hide-and-seek. School has been a constant since what feels like forever.