Senior House Debating

Keats debater Raffy Blay reports on the Senior School House Debating

Once again, Senior School House Debating has come and gone, however not without its usual riot of humour, eloquence and fun. First, Keats and Byron went head to head over the topic, ‘pill testing should be introduced at music festivals’. Year 12 students Harper Massey, Peggy Lucas and myself Raphael Blay formed the affirmative Keats team. We had a great time bringing up our points and rebutting the opposing team, who consisted of Year 12 students Trinity Jones and Annalise Smith and Year 11 student Duke Wilson. Keats won the debate, and Harper won Best Speaker. 

The most memorable debate of the afternoon, however, was between Lawson and Milton. These two houses debated the idea that the government should have access to private citizens’ encrypted messages. Eva Baton and Eric Farrugia formed the Lawson team, who were affirmative. Eric, as always, wooed the audience with his humour and charm, providing an insightful analogy using a broken mug. Milton won this debate, and Charlie Brown won Best Speaker. 

Overall, Keats won the Senior School debating competition, however all debates were thoroughly enjoyed and interesting.