STEM Marine Girls in Science

On the 21st of May, our female Year 8 students participated in a marine science excursion down at the St Kilda pier. First the students examined a sand habitat restoration and penguin colony study, and then completed a shell survey recording their species and densities. Finally, they completed a litter audit and a nurdle hunt, and took part in action planning for a sustainable future.

Year 8 student Ankita Sidhu spoke about the day:

“The excursion turned out great because I learned a lot about the environment and science.

“The best part for me was looking at the penguins and building a thing that’s easy to collect nurdles in, I found it really fun and a great experience. I also found it interesting to learn that there are living things in shells.

“I think it’s important for women to pursue science because right now men are in a lot of the jobs, and women and girls can be just as, or more, interested and smart.”