Taletellers Showcases Student Talent and Creativity

Staging Harry Stone’s comedic fantasy Taletellers took the efforts of 33 talented young actors, 15 dedicated creatives and stagehands, a few wise old staff members, and a pair of ex-students dragged back to school to helm the whole production.

2016 graduate Tully Mauritzen brought her organisational skills and relentless positive attitude to the mammoth combined role of producer-production-manager-stage-manager, while I personally provided a bunch of fun games and daggy jokes to make the whole cohort cringe. After about four months of rehearsals, we came together for three final nights to show off our hard work to the community. Performances had been polished, scene transitions had been tightened, and even the most reticent students had come out of their shells thanks to the contagious enthusiasm that carried the production from the start.

Taletellers Behind the Scenes      Taletellers Behind the Scenes

Closing night was a great success, with boundless energy coming from the students and only a handful of directorial eye-twitches triggered by fudged or forgotten lines. As per tradition, after the curtain call the stage was filled with gratitude as gifts were handed out and speeches were made. The ceremonials continued in the staff room, where pizza was gobbled, soft drinks were guzzled, and a pair of deeply appreciative ex-students individually thanked each and every person involved in bringing Taletellers to life. The annual show is always a wonderful demonstration of the strength of the school community, but there was something particularly special about being involved in one driven almost entirely by the talent and creativity of young Elwoodians themselves.


Declan Mulcahy

Class of 2012

Director of 2018 Whole School Production