Update Term 3 Arrangements

Dear Students, Teachers and Families,
Remote Learning
Please find attached the Remote Learning Continuation of Learning Plan document.  During remote learning in Term 2 students were surveyed, and students, teachers and School Councillors participated in a forum about the remote learning experience.  This document has been updated to reflect the learning from our previous period of remote learning.  There are a few changes from the protocols used last term, so it is important for everyone to read the updated plan.
Temperature Checks
We have been conducting daily temperature checks for all students arriving to school.  To date, we’ve not had to send anyone home, and are thankful for those who’ve felt unwell staying home and getting tested.
Social Distancing
I do need to ask VCE students to continue improving their social distancing when on campus.  DET recognises that social distancing may not always be possible in a school setting, however Elwood College has made arrangements to accommodate social distancing and appreciate students respecting the 1.5m.  Students have been very good when entering school, attending classes and in between classes.  An area for improvement is social distancing in the atrium during breaks.
Some students and staff have elected to wear masks.  Again, wearing masks in school is not a current requirement, but it is appreciated by many.  I have worn a mask when conducting temperature checks and have been in larger groups, and hope those wanting to wear a mask feel confident to do so.
Course Counselling
Thank you to all teachers, students and families who engaged with the remote course counselling.  I’ve had positive feedback from teachers about the process, and believe they enjoyed catching up with families.  It is important to remain focused on pathways and future education, and I hope the usual excitement surrounding students’ subject choices has prevailed.
Staffing Work Arrangements and Contact
From next week, teachers who are teaching a VCE class will be on campus for those classes.  There will also be staff working remotely, when they can carry out duties from home.  The best form of contact will be email, however the school’s 9531 9566 phone number will be active during the usual school hours.
Stay healthy and well everyone.
Todd Asensio
Acting Principal
Elwood College