VCE Stories From the Class of 2018

Assisting our students to achieve their best in the VCE is a source of pride. We measure our success by consistently excellent VCE results and seeing our students move on to exciting futures which we have helped them plan. The vast majority of our students go on to tertiary study with a high rate accepted into their first choice of university course.

Elwood College congratulates Jonathan Zuk as our Dux with an ATAR of 99.45

jonathan zuk

Jonathon’s mathematical skills were apparent very early in year 7 and in conjunction with his teachers and parents he was placed on an accelerated learning program and an individual development plan.

An exemplary scholar, he completed Year 11 Maths Methods in Year 8 and studied Specialist Mathematics , Mathematical Methods and Year 11 Chemistry in Year 9.

In 2015 he scored in the top 1% nationally in the Australian Mathematics Competition and participated in the Australian Intermediate Maths Olympiad, where he was one of only 123 students out of 1,400 to receive a High Distinction.

Jonathon trained with the Sandringham Athletics club and in Year 9 made it into the State final of the triple jump.

He has been a finalist in the Elwood College Talent night and at the 2018 Presentation Night he received many awards including the subject award in Music for Solo Performance this year.


Elwood College congratulates Henry Lucas with an ATAR of 98.30     

henry lucas

Henry began his VCE last year in 2017 with a perfect score of 50 in Visual Communication and Design.

 In his year 12 year, he has been the Captain of College Culture and joint Valedictorian. He received an academic award for Further Mathematics. In addition, Henry was the recipient for the prestigious award for ‘Outstanding Dedication to VCE Studies’ demonstrating a consistent drive, dedication and commitment to achieving his personal best in VCE.

Henry was the drummer for the group F.U.Z.Z who won the 2015 SRC Talent night,played with others in his year level at the “Battle of the Bands” as well as performing at the 2017 Elwood College Talent night with his sister, Peggy with an original song, complete with looping and haunting harmonies.


Elwood College congratulates Nelson Gray on a successful VCE

 nelson gray

Nelson has been an inspiration to his peers and teachers alike. A person of many words, his work ethic was admirable and it has allowed him to gain enough ATAR points for his preferred university course next year: a double degree; Bachelor of Exercise Science and Business Management at the Australian Catholic University (ACU). As the recipient of the “Melanie Jones” Sports Contribution award this year, Nelson was recognized for his sporting contributions to Elwood College throughout his school experience from years 7 to 12.

In Year 9, Nelson was selected into the Australian U19 soccer team as part of the Cerebral Palsy World Games and throughout his entire school life has won gold, silver and bronze medals at swimming and athletics AWD events at both Victorian and Australian level in shot put and discus. He was co-house captain of Lawson in 2018

Nelson was delighted with his VCE results saying that it was Everything I ever dreamed of – I was right on target.”


Elwood College congratulates Zoe Eyles with an ATAR of 97.95

zoe eyles

Zoe was the 2018 joint Valedictorian and the editor of the new School Newspaper.

With academic subject awards this year in French, Legal Studies, Literature and

Mathematical Methods, she has been a student of excellence at Elwood College

since year 7. In addition, she was the recipient for the highly prestigious Australian

Defence Force, ‘Long Tan Award’ for leadership with the school community and beyond.

Zoe was awarded the VCE Baccalaureate for achieving over 30 in English and English Literature, studying Mathematical methods and an additional language; French.


Elwood College congratulates Ji Kyeong Jeong with an ATAR of 90.45


As part of our International School at Elwood College, Ji Kyeong Jeong has worked very hard. She received academic awards in English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Japanese as a second language.


Elwood College congratulates Ledia Terolli with an ATAR of 90.60


Ledia was one of our quiet achievers. On her way to work on the day of results, she was delighted with her efforts despite the shock, mixed with relief that the wait was over. Ledia is  very excited about next year and is hoping to be on her way to the University of Melbourne to study Arts. If she could tell her year 11 self some advice she says “It is all so worth it – keep going.”


Elwood College congratulates Liam Harari with an ATAR of 91.65


In his 2018 VCE year, Liam received an academic subject award for Chemistry and Physics and was the recipient of the “Melanie Jones” Sports Contribution award as recognition of his sporting contributions to Elwood College throughout his school experience from years 7 to 12.

A lacrosse star, Caulfield Lacrosse Club member and Victorian co-captain, Liam helped Victoria win the U18 Boys national championships in 2018. He received the Most Valuable Player award for the entire championship and an All Star. In 2017 Liam represented Australia in the U23 Asia-Pacific lacrosse championship in Korea.

Liam also represented Elwood College in the Victorian Cross Country Championships at U15 level.


Elwood College congratulates Victoria Loizides on excellent VCE results.


As a regular visitor to see teachers at Elwood College, Victoria can be very proud of her efforts in the exam preparation to achieve a score that made her feel,  “over the moonwith excitement.

 “My laptop wouldn’t open because I was so terrified and then, one by one, the study scores were uncovered and I knew I was OK”. She would advise her Year 11 self to “Be prepared for the emotions – a good cry helps and don’t bottle it up.”

Victoria hopes to enter the world of tertiary education and to study Art History and Curating at Monash University.


Elwood College congratulates Georgie Stone with an ATAR of 86.80


Georgie Stone has been the 2018 joint College Captain, the Ambassador for LGBTQIA+ community, a tireless transgender campaigner and the 2017 Victorian Young Australian of the Year. She has made appearances on shows such as Four Corners, The Project and Australian Story. In 2017 she won the Young People’s Human Rights Medal awarded by the Australian Human Rights Commission. She is also the recipient of other awards including GLOBE Person of the Year, Making a Difference Award (Anti-Defamation Commission), the Long Tan Youth Leader Award (ADF), the Young Voltaire Award (Liberty Victoria) and is the ambassador of the Royal Children’s Gender Service.

In 2017 for International Women’s Day she was named by the MamaMia website as one of 15 young women under 20 WORLDWIDE who are making a difference.

Georgie has been very involved in all school productions at Elwood College and has been lead singer in a number of school bands.

In Year 10 she was accepted into the University of Melbourne’s Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar’s Program. This is an academic enrichment program designed to support high achieving students.

Among her many public appearances and speeches this year  she was invited to dine at Government House, Victoria to meet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and met the Prime Minister at an event in Sydney some days after.

Her academic award in English this year was rightly deserved.


Elwood College congratulates Hugh Cowie with an ATAR of 97.70


With a natural aptitude and talent in the world of music, Hugh excelled in his VCE with three music subjects including the exciting mark of 50 in the Vocational Educational and Training in Schools (VET) subject of Music Production. There has been, often, a comparable subtlety to his activities as he balanced his love of music with a genuine intellect for his school work. Moving through his school days with a calm wisdom that has gained respect and admiration from all, Hugh has had a fine year. His first preference is the double degree at Monash of Arts/Music and we wish him all the very best.


We are inordinately proud of our class of 2018. They leave us with talents and dreams.

Be kind, always do your best and think of us every now and then. We will not forget you.