A friendly reminder to all parents to please provide notice to the college if your child is absent from school or late to school.

Notice can be given in advance or at the start of the day. Otherwise, the college will need to contact the parent/guardian regarding the unexplained absence. We are very grateful for your assistance.

Notice can be given via one of the following procedures:

In Year 9 English class, students were recently asked to present a speech that also drew from their learning in history and ICT. Teacher Mrs MacDonald said Ledia Terrolli impressed all with her preparation and conviction on the topic of 'Indigenous Languages Should be Taught in Mainstream Schools'. Ledia even grilled Assistant Principal Mr Asensio as part of her research. Here is her speech:

Lauren Hutchinson reports on Elwood College’s first interschool debate for 2015.

It was Elwood College versus Wesley College on Tuesday, 3 March. Our debate topic was ‘Should magazines ban photo editing?’ and we were affirmative. Our speakers were Harry Stone, Nic Forbes and Georgie Stone.

Harry was the first speaker, arguing against impossible body images and the resulting eating disorders. Harry’s debate went really well. He had some very strong points and used sophisticated words to enhance his argument. Harry also used facts and statistics to make his points stronger.

More than 80 students joined in the Year 8 Summer Sports Day on Wednesday, 11 March. Our teams competed in tennis, volleyball and softball round robins against other schools from the Beachside Division.

All played well and showed great enthusiasm and sportsmanship, including our happy girls softball and tennis teams (pictured), who came second and third respectively in their competitions.




The Elwood College Outdoor Education Community Projects group took part in National Clean Up Australia day on Tuesday, 3 March. Vanessa Charles reports.