Elwood College 2 Team L – R: Alexandra Thomas (first speaker), Lily Lau and Nicole Huynh

For the final debate of the 2018 Debating Season, our two teams from Elwood College held their argumentative positions with great dignity. The topic was the most challenging of the season: that mandatory minimum sentences should be imposed on violent crimes

On the 23rd of July, Elwood College had it’s annual Talent Night in our very own Phoenix Theatre, run solely by the Student Representative Committee. The event was to raise money for State Schools’ Relief, an organisation that donates textbooks and school supplies for those in need.

Students conducting experiments L-R Lily Lau, Sayler Delves, Ali Thomas and Eden Saunders

National Science Week commenced on August 11 and students across the school got involved with lunchtime science experiments and demonstrations, including 'Methane Bubbles', 'Elephant's Toothpaste' and a titration competition where Junior School students had the opportunity to practise experimental procedures and scientific skills that they normally would have to wait until Middle School to engage in.

p>Zoe Eyles and Lorien Medina have both receivied a ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award.

Eric Farrugia reports on the Live Music is Good for You Festival.

Every year our music teachers gather us together to perform at the Royal Melbourne Hospital's 'Live Music is Good for You' Festival in May. This year, all 22 Elwood College students did a great job at revitalizing the hospital community's soul and energies, as music is one of the supreme forces of healing.