On the 7th of March, students Peggy Lucas, Sabrina Phillips, Trinity Jones and Ava Gibson, along with Rhonda and teacher Amelia Fahie, attended an International Women’s Day breakfast at Crown hosted by John Wall, President of the Rotary Club of Melbourne South.

With the Elwood Canal flowing directly into Port Phillip Bay, environmental responsibility is of particular importance in our suburb.

High School. These two words used to scare me, and make me feel nervous, but as soon as I came to Elwood College that changed. My first day of Year 7 was, as you would expect, a very nerve-wracking experience at first. However, after minutes of my first class I was already making friends! I was welcomed by everyone I met, and my nerves went away instantly.

From the 27th February to the 1st of March, the middle school Aquatics and Marine Studies class took a break from their Bronze Medallion training to go on a surf camp in Lorne.

 The annual House Swimming Sports were held at MSAC on the 14th of February this year, just two weeks into the school year. Each student has a chance to win points for their house by competing against rival houses, and points are also awarded for participation, encouraging everyone to get involved.