Twin brothers Frank and Ray Ward learned of their outstanding results while travelling in France.

Frank's 97.95 ATAR earned him the title of Class Dux. 

"I never expected to receive a score this high, it's amazing to see it. It has opened so many doors and I am grateful to Elwood College for helping me get there. At some point I hope to complete a post graduate in law but career-wise I am still undecided. Next year, however, with my results I should be able to get into the Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University. I couldn't have done it without my teachers who were ready to help, while fuelling my ambitions."

Ray's score of 94.95 was our third highest ATAR in 2017.

"I am really happy to receive this ATAR because it has got me into my first preference of Arts at Melbourne Uni. But it has also given me a lot of choice if I change my mind. At the moment I'm really interested in environmental sustainability and global development. The teaching staff were always supportive and available, which made my three years at Elwood College a very positive experience."

Sally achieved a 90.50 ATAR and is hopeful of studying pharmaceutical science at Monash University. "From there I can hopefully go onto a career based in scientific research and pharmaceuticals. My time at Elwood College has been instrumental to my love of science with the school being extremely supportive in my exploration of all fields of study."

Finn achieved a 92.65 ATAR.
"Next year I will either take a gap year away travelling around Asia or begin a university course. I am hoping to be accepted into Global/International Studies at RMIT or a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne. 
For me I think the Year 12 cohort had a really close-knit and friendly vibe, which encouraged me to put effort into my studies where it counted. Also, without the support of awesome teachers, I definitely wouldn't have ended up getting the same results."
For our 2017 Co-captain and a Valedictorian, a score of 95.30 was "a really pleasant surprise".
"With my score, I am hoping to get into Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Arts, and plan on continuing at Melbourne to complete a Law Degree. I have nothing but appreciation for my time at Elwood. Although I am relieved the stresses of year 12 are over, I will miss the college. Without the consistent support of all my teachers for both my studies and wellbeing, I know I would not have been able to achieve what I have."

Congratulations to Nelson Gray who won bronze at the Australian All Schools Athletics Championships in December.

Nelson's medal was for the Under 18 Men’s Para Shot. He also placed 4th in the Under 18 Men’s Para Discus.