This year, Year 12 students Isabella Hodgman and Clancy Lee will return to the Victorian State Schools Spectacular Stage for the final time as principle vocalists for Made of Stars. As part of their involvement in this massive project, the students have been rehearsing tirelessly and will continue to do so until the September performance date.

Elwood College is committed to providing International Students with the highest standards of education. All students are encouraged to become confident learners, acquiring knowledge and language skills that are highly valued internationally. This is the third part in a series of International Student Interviews


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Tickets are now on sale for Elwood College’s annual whole school production. A cast of 33 students will perform in Skulduggery, led by the Elwood College alumni team who brought you Taletellers, with Harry Stone having written the script, Declan Mulcahy directing and Tully Mauritzen working as production and stage manager. 

Term 2’s international student birthday party was held on the 18th of June to celebrate the second round of birthdays of international students born within a three-month period.

The Year 12 Biology excursion to the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), which took place on the 5th of June, was a great experience for learning more things about our current topic, the immune system.