At our school, we aim to celebrate the achievements of our students across the board. 

At the end of each term, we award High Achievers Awards to students who excel in various aspects of school life. 

This term, the award was based on exceptional marks. 

The following students received High Achievers Awards for Term 2: 

The Middle School Representations of Women class is studying a unit investigating a issues faced by women in both our local and global communities. 

As part of this unit, St Kilda Mums has kindly offered to host us the class for a day to learn about the programs and services they offer to women in the local community.  

In light of this, the class is running a drive to collect urgent and essential resources to donate to St Kilda Mums on behalf of Elwood College.  

For their field trip for Unit 1 Area of Study 3, the Year 11 Biology class visited Pearce’s Beach near Rye. 

At the beach, they observed the populations and trends in populations of different plants and animals over three tidal zones using quadrats and transect lines. 

Are you a poet, writer, visual artist, essayist, or anything in between?

Are you looking for somewhere supportive to share your art?

Are you hoping to get published, but unsure how to do this?

We are starting a Writers Club at Elwood! Join for the chance to do the following:

Elwood College congratulates Marco Galea, Cole Huynh, River Massey, Angelina Robin-Sesova, Timna Shushan and Cassie Ward on their victory in the State Theatresports Schools Challenge!  

In the final two rounds, they scored 14/15 and 13/15 in a comeback victory over very strong competition.

As well as winning the Intermediate competition, Timna won Best Supporting Player.  

Well done!