The following students received awards at Presentation Night.

Year 9

Academic Achievement: Vylette Besas, Riley Griss, Stanley Ka, Mathias Loft, Faith Rodrick and Victoria Zheng.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Henry Manallack and Faith Rodrick.

Sports: India Ross-Lawson and Marlon Trevitt.

Citizenship: Duke Wilson.

Duke of Edinburgh Award: Lenie Chin, Eva Freeman, Jordie Gray, Megan Hall, Sophia Hodych, Skye Lolicato-Welsh, Brier McLean, Charlotte Millar, Lily Rekittke, Declan Sicari, Neelu Sidhu and Harriet Woods.


Year 10

Academic Achievement: Thomas Finch, Harper Massey, Catherine Oliver, Sabrina Phillips, Hugo Radovanovic and Ruby Woods.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Sabrina Phillips and Harry Steedman.

Sports: Catherine Oliver and Evan Warman.

Citizenship: Raffy Blay.


Elwood College Basketball Academy 

Outstanding Achievement Award: Elijah McMeekan (Year 9)

Coaches’ Excellence Award: Ruby Woods (Year 10)

Congratulations to our Year 7 and 8 award winners, who received their awards at Presentation Night.

Year 7

Academic Achievement: Monica Ising, Finn Kluge, Maggie Lambrechts, Lily Lau, William McCarthy and Eden Saunders.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Aditya Arya and Gigi McQueen.

Sports: Briealyn Bartleet and William McCarthy.

Citizenship: Timna Shushan.


Year 8

Academic Achievement: Blanche Flaster, Amy Richardson, Nicholas Sinodinos, Oliver Smith, Kitty Smyth and Felix Tam.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Zeta Hamilton-Durkin and Zisis Zikos.

Sports: Spencer Curran and Enya Talbot.

Citizenship: Kitty Smyth.


Elwood College Basketball Academy

Outstanding Achievement AwardAlexandra Thomas (Year 7)

Coaches’ Excellence Award: Nicholas Kearney (Year 8)

The day our basketball courts became a skate park! Our Year 7s had a 'wheely' great time learning to skate, as part of their academic progression activities moving into Year 8.

Our second Year 7 orientation day was a success on Thursday, 24 November. The Grade 6 students had fun in the science lab, met key Junior Schoo staff and got to know students from other primary schools. We will see our 2018 Year 7s one more time before the year ends on the Statewide Transition Day on 12 December.

Year 11 student Zoe Eyles reports: This year’s Great Victorian Bike Ride was definitely dramatic while it lasted – we were riding 111 flat kilometres in sweltering heat one day, and being drenched in rain rolling up and down a beautiful hilly landscape the next. Besides getting up at 5:30am to cycle, the queues and setting up/taking down tents each day, we enjoyed spending time at the beaches, visiting the towns we stopped in, having night-time card championships, our daily awards ceremony, being subjected to terrible jokes (chiefly Mr Purcell) and getting to know new people. The event was finally cancelled on account of the torrential downpour, but let the record show that we stuck it out until the end, one of the few schools left camping in the flooded football field. Thanks to all the teachers, parents and other students for making the 2017 Great Vic so much fun.

Year 10 student Hugo Radovanovic explains the memorable moment in the final image: This photo of Noah (Bakos) and I was taken on one of the hottest and longest days of The Great Victorian Bike Ride 2017. We thought as a bit of a laugh that we would impersonate one of the most unique styles of cycling fashion Europe has to offer so "WE WENT EURO". After we decided on the look, we needed to emphasise it and really make it memorable. The both of us turned around quietly to make sure no one noticed us, we hid behind some bushes and waited for our riding group to realise we were gone and head back our way. Once we spotted them coming back, we came out from the bushes on our bikes (Euro style) - giving everyone a solid laugh and a memorable moment of this year's Great Vic.

Thanks to Scott Burton, Tessa Henley and Tim Purcell, who again ably guided our crew on the journey.

Parents Paula Harding, Tim Gray, Fiona Clothier, Randall McDonnell, Christiane Mueller, David Roche and former student/parent team Niamh and Fred Clarke joined us as helpers on the ride. They were also instrumental in coaching and supporting students on all the training rides, along with Simon Willshire, Alex Commeignes, Louise Roche, Dean Clothier and Alison Raaymakers (who was also present and assisting Seahorses on the ride while being a Bicycle Network volunteer). Thank you to all these parents and friends: they really do make the Great Vic possible every year.