Thanks to teacher Matt Green for sharing this gorgeous look back at Elwood in the 1950s, focussing on the trams serving St Kilda, Elwood and Brighton Beach.

The video runs for nine minutes but be warned! "Sadly, the part that gets us closest to Elwood College teasingly leaves us hanging right at the end," Matt says.

Mrs McDonald reports on a "beautiful moment in time" with her Year 12 English class.

Our class made a spontaneous decision on Thursday, 30 April.  We voted to conduct our last writing class for this particular unit of work in one of the local cafes. The coffees were an added bonus.

Although not quite Paris and Hemingway or New York and Harper Lee, the feeling was euphoric and productive with many a fine yarn shared around the table.   Fully inspirational.

Photos of House Sports Day by year 11 student Ana Burenkova.

Congratulations to the Age Champions from House Sports Day:
13 years female: Caelyn Raaymakers
13 years male: Sebastian Harris Knipe
14 years female: Ruby Woods
14 years male: Jonathon Zuk
15 years female: Maeve Brown
15 years male: Henry Lucas
16 years female: Taylor Buchan
16 years male: Finn Jones
17 years female: Madison Hourigan-Richmond
17 years male: Sol Charles (pictured)
18-20 years female: Selma Fjaestad (pictured in orange)