Elwood College 2017 Newsletter No.8 Tuesday, 19 December

Principal's Note: Happy Holidays

Hello everyone

It has been another fantastic year of hard work, challenge and achievement for our students and staff.

Our Year 12 students received their ATAR scores on Friday with very pleasing results. Of note, 18 per cent of students sitting their final exams achieved an ATAR above 90.

We are very proud of every student who completed their final year at Elwood College, regardless of their score, particularly those who struggled against the odds to complete their VCE.

Special congratulations to our College Dux Frank Ward, with an impressive ATAR of 97.95. We also had a perfect score of 50 achieved by Year 11 student Henry Lucas in Year 12 Visual Communication & Design. We are delighted to share more individual results and student reactions later in this newsletter.

Thank you to our wonderful teachers and support staff for their dedication this year. And, thank you to all the parents who have supported our students to achieve their best and make the most of the many co-curricular opportunities on offer - we know we make life busy for you at times! 

Term 1 resumes for students on Wednesday, 31 January. We move into our beautiful new building in the new year. I personally can't wait to share this exciting time with the college community.

Until then, I wish everyone a very happy, safe and relaxing holidays.

Warm Regards
Rhonda Holt

VCE STORIES: Frank and Ray Ward

Twin brothers Frank and Ray Ward learned of their outstanding results while travelling in France.

Frank's 97.95 ATAR earned him the title of Class Dux. 

"I never expected to receive a score this high, it's amazing to see it. It has opened so many doors and I am grateful to Elwood College for helping me get there. At some point I hope to complete a post graduate in law but career-wise I am still undecided. Next year, however, with my results I should be able to get into the Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University. I couldn't have done it without my teachers who were always ready to help, while fuelling my ambitions."

Ray's score of 94.95 was our third highest ATAR in 2017.

"I am really happy to receive this ATAR because it has got me into my first preference of Arts at Melbourne Uni. But it has also given me a lot of choice if I change my mind. At the moment I'm really interested in environmental sustainability and global development. The teaching staff were always supportive and available, which made my three years at Elwood College a very positive experience."

VCE STORIES: Liza Clerehan

For our 2017 Co-captain and a Valedictorian, a score of 95.30 was "a really pleasant surprise".
"With my score, I am hoping to get into Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Arts, and plan on continuing at Melbourne to complete a Law Degree. 
I have nothing but appreciation for my time at Elwood. Although I am relieved the stresses of year 12 are over, I will miss the college. Without the consistent support of all my teachers for both my studies and wellbeing, I know I would not have been able to achieve what I have."


Finn achieved a 92.65 ATAR.
"Next year I will either take a gap year away travelling around Asia or begin a university course. I am hoping to be accepted into Global/International Studies at RMIT or a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne. 
For me I think the Year 12 cohort had a really close-knit and friendly vibe, which encouraged me to put effort into my studies where it counted. Also, without the support of awesome teachers, I definitely wouldn't have ended up getting the same results."


Jayde was in a happy "state of shock" following her ATAR result of 91.35.
"Next year I hope to embark on completing a Bachelor of Arts, exploring my interests in humanities to eventually become a teacher. I love History and Literature, so I am very excited to study this further and hopefully teach it in the classroom one day.
My ATAR is beyond anything I had ever thought I could achieve, and I am still in a state of shock as I write this. I am hopeful of getting into my first preference of a Bachelor of Arts course at Melbourne University.
I attribute my achievements this year to my wonderful teachers, who supported me unceasingly on my journey. I felt truly encouraged at Elwood. The small class sizes meant that I had no qualms in asking my teachers for clarification and help. I was also able to develop personal relationships with my teachers, namely Mrs McDonald and Mrs Bolding, who offered me motivation when I needed it. I thank all my teachers as well as Ms Bentley who made the application and VTAC process very smooth."

VCE STORIES: Sally Davis

Sally achieved a 90.50 ATAR and is hopeful of studying pharmaceutical science at Monash University. "From there I can hopefully go onto a career based in scientific research and pharmaceuticals. My time at Elwood College has been instrumental to my love of science with the school being extremely supportive in my exploration of all fields of study."


Caitlyn achieved an ATAR of 90.40 and thanked her teachers for their VCE support and nurturing her love of Science.

"I’m hoping to undertake a Bachelor of Science at Monash University. I achieved a higher ATAR than I’d hoped for yet my first preference at Melbourne University required a prerequisite score that I just fell short of. It’s a bit disappointing but I’m sure Monash will be equally as amazing! Without the help of so many of my teachers I doubt I would have gotten the score I did. Alongside their willingness to help with any problem I’d come with, I would attribute my love of Science to their inspirational knowledge and outlook. Most notably Ms Bentley, Miss Pritchard and Mr Barr. Bless their souls."

Henry's Perfect 50

Henry Lucas achieved a perfect study score of 50 in Visual Communication & Design, a particularly impressive feat given he completed the Year 12 subject during Year 11.

Congratulations Henry!

Anniversary thank you

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday, 26 November to celebrate our 60-year anniversary. 

We were delighted by the huge turnout and the incredibly positive feedback from past students. Here are just a few of the comments from social media and email:

"It was great to catch up with great friends from the original intake in 1957." Lea Levy

"I certainly enjoyed catching up with people from different year levels! Thankyou to the staff and students and the band." Bob Cvetkovic

"A final peep of the last old building before it gets demolished, and takes the old memories with it. Thanks to all the many people who helped make this day successful with the photos and memorabilia on display, the band and the people who made all the delicious food." Geli Rice

"Thank you all concerned for organising the event. I met so many (past students) I have lost count! They came from overseas and from interstate and from Melbourne. It was crush indeed! The noise was just amazing!" Irene Jablonka

This event would not have been possible without a huge effort by staff, parents and students. A special nod to Todd Asensio, Bridget Kosla-Brown, Dot Whellans and the admin and maintenance teams for making it all happen despite being in the midst of a major building program!

Koon Lau ably led our parent volunteers, including Miru Iser, Vicki Wilson, Greg Elms, Anne Murphy, Belinda Daly, Salvatori Lolicato and Nick Leening. With the help of students, Kerryn Stubbs, Andrea Turner and Sue Leening served up 400 scones at the Devonshire tea! Yvette Eyles ran the incredibly busy registration desk and Shayne Sidhu sold our fundraiser cookbooks. This list may not be conclusive; apologies to anyone we have missed.

Former parent and school council president Sue Constable spent more than a year interviewing past students and compiling their stories, which our current school council president Michael Mulcahy transformed into wonderful displays for the event. You can read these stories on our Past Students page.

While the physical setting of the college is changing before our eyes, the anniversary showed that the incredible sense of community at Elwood has been a common theme for six decades.

Kitty and Emma Touch Silver

Congratulations to Year 8 student Kitty Smyth and our Head of Sport Emma Robbins who both won silver medals at the Pacific School Games in Adelaide in December.

Kitty represented Victoria in the Under 15s Touch Football team, for which Miss Robbins was the Manager and Assistant Coach.

Their team competed in the Touch Football Australian Plate and came second. Kitty was also voted 'most improved player'. She trained with the State team for six months following her selection.

Miss Robbins will again coordinate Under 15 squads for boys and girls who want to represent Elwood College in inter-school Touch Football in 2018.

Nelson's National Effort

Congratulations to Nelson Gray who won bronze at the Australian All Schools Athletics Championships in December.

Nelson's medal was for the Under 18 Men’s Para Shot. He also placed 4th in the Under 18 Men’s Para Discus.

Junior School Awards

The following students received awards at Presentation Night.

Year 7

Academic Achievement: Monica Ising, Finn Kluge, Maggie Lambrechts, Lily Lau, William McCarthy and Eden Saunders.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Aditya Arya and Gigi McQueen.

Sports: Briealyn Bartleet and William McCarthy.

Citizenship: Timna Shushan.

Year 8

Academic Achievement: Blanche Flaster, Amy Richardson, Nicholas Sinodinos, Oliver Smith, Kitty Smyth and Felix Tam.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Zeta Hamilton-Durkin and Zisis Zikos.

Sports: Spencer Curran and Enya Talbot.

Citizenship: Kitty Smyth.

Elwood College Basketball Academy

Outstanding Achievement Award: Alexandra Thomas (Year 7)

Coaches’ Excellence Award: Nicholas Kearney (Year 8)

Middle School Awards

Year 9

Academic Achievement: Vylette Besas, Riley Griss, Stanley Ka, Mathias Loft, Faith Rodrick and Victoria Zheng.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Henry Manallack and Faith Rodrick.

Sports: India Ross-Lawson and Marlon Trevitt.

Citizenship: Duke Wilson.

Duke of Edinburgh Award: Lenie Chin, Eva Freeman, Jordie Gray, Megan Hall, Sophia Hodych, Skye Lolicato-Welsh, Brier McLean, Charlotte Millar, Lily Rekittke, Declan Sicari, Neelu Sidhu and Harriet Woods.

Year 10

Academic Achievement: Thomas Finch, Harper Massey, Catherine Oliver, Sabrina Phillips, Hugo Radovanovic and Ruby Woods.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Sabrina Phillips and Harry Steedman.

Sports: Catherine Oliver and Evan Warman.

Citizenship: Raffy Blay.

Elwood College Basketball Academy 

Outstanding Achievement Award: Elijah McMeekan (Year 9)

Coaches’ Excellence Award: Ruby Woods (Year 10)

Senior School Awards

Year 12 Special Awards

College Councillors’ Award: Liza Clerehan

Outstanding Contribution to College Life Award: Paul Pekaj

Outstanding Dedication to VCE Studies Award: Jayde Elvey

International Student Award: Gabriela Turella Mielzynski and Jingyun (Ainy) Wu

Creative Contribution Award: Zali Guecia-Ghelardini

The Melanie Jones Trophy (Sports Contribution Award): Kye Gray

Year 11

Academic Achievement: Hugh Cowie, Zoe Eyles, Jikyeong Jeong, Leslie Kirkness, Henry Lucas and Georgie Stone.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Kiki Jin and Harrison Stone.

Senior Sports (Year 11 & 12): Maeve Brown, Sally Davis, Nelson Gray and Liam Harari.

Citizenship: Jacques Steedman.

Year 12 VCE Subject Awards (Units 3 & 4)

Accounting: Niles Wang

Biology: Maeve Brown (Year 11 student)

Business Management: Dae Szydlik

Chemistry: Jonathan Zuk (Year 11)

Chinese As A First Language: Jingyun Wu

English: Liza Clerehan

English As An Additional Language: Jingyun Wu

Food Technology: Jayde Elvey

French: Liza Clerehan

Further Maths: Qikun Sui

Geography: Zali Guecia-Ghelardini

Health & Human Development: Dae Szydlik

History - Revolutions: Frank Ward

Informatics: Vadhana Anil Ram (Year 11)

Japanese As A Second Language: Shiyu Chen

Literature: Oliver Woods

Maths Methods: Jingyun (Ainy) Wu

Media: Niamh Mulcahy (Year 11)

Music - Solo Performance: Georgie Stone (Year 11)

Physics: Jonathan Zuk (Year 11)

Psychology: Finlea Daniels (Year 11)

Studio Arts: Zali Guecia-Ghelardini

Visual Communication & Design: Henry Lucas (Year 11)

Seahorses pedal through

Year 11 student Zoe Eyles reports: This year’s Great Victorian Bike Ride was definitely dramatic while it lasted – we were riding 111 flat kilometres in sweltering heat one day, and being drenched in rain rolling up and down a beautiful hilly landscape the next. Besides getting up at 5:30am to cycle, the queues and setting up/taking down tents each day, we enjoyed spending time at the beaches, visiting the towns we stopped in, having night-time card championships, our daily awards ceremony, being subjected to terrible jokes (chiefly Mr Purcell) and getting to know new people. The event was finally cancelled on account of the torrential downpour, but let the record show that we stuck it out until the end, one of the few schools left camping in the flooded football field. Thanks to all the teachers, parents and other students for making the 2017 Great Vic so much fun.

Year 10 student Hugo Radovanovic explains the memorable moment in the final image: This photo of Noah (Bakos) and I was taken on one of the hottest and longest days of The Great Victorian Bike Ride 2017. We thought as a bit of a laugh that we would impersonate one of the most unique styles of cycling fashion Europe has to offer so "WE WENT EURO". After we decided on the look, we needed to emphasise it and really make it memorable. The both of us turned around quietly to make sure no one noticed us, we hid behind some bushes and waited for our riding group to realise we were gone and head back our way. Once we spotted them coming back, we came out from the bushes on our bikes (Euro style) - giving everyone a solid laugh and a memorable moment of this year's Great Vic.

Thanks to Scott Burton, Tessa Henley and Tim Purcell, who again ably guided our crew on the journey.

Parents Paula Harding, Tim Gray, Fiona Clothier, Randall McDonnell, Christiane Mueller, David Roche and former student/parent team Niamh and Fred Clarke joined us as helpers on the ride. They were also instrumental in coaching and supporting students on all the training rides, along with Simon Willshire, Alex Commeignes, Louise Roche, Dean Clothier and Alison Raaymakers (who was also present and assisting Seahorses on the ride while being a Bicycle Network volunteer). Thank you to all these parents and friends: they really do make the Great Vic possible every year.

Year 7s Skate Into Year 8

The day our basketball courts became a skate park! Our Year 7s had a 'wheely' great time learning to skate, as part of their academic progression activities moving into Year 8.

2018 Captains

Congratulations to Georgie Stone and D'artagnan Holt on being named College Captains for their final year at Elwood College. Both have been very active participants in College life since they started here.

Thank you to our outgoing Captains Anton Merakovsky and Liza Clerehan (second picture) who did a wonderful job leading the student body and representing the College at many formal events in 2017.

Anton and Liza formally handed over the reins to Georgie and D'Art at Presentation Evening.

D'Art: "Looking ahead to 2018, we are very excited to be moving into the new space, and we are privileged as College Captains to help share the opportunities we have had in the past five years to each member of the College community. With a growing student body, it is paramount that we grow together celebrating diversity in an inclusive safe community while fostering academic, creative and sporting excellence. I am humbled to be College Captain and honoured to be working with Georgie. See you in 2018!"

Georgie: "This school, and all the staff and students in it, have supported us so much. They have not only taught us, but also shaped us, grown with us. We both want to give back to our community as best we can. I look forward to being able to work with the students, teachers and of course, D’Art, to help further the growth of our great school. In particular, I want to use my connection with a vast array of students and teachers to promote diversity and inclusiveness, and encourage others to speak up."

City2Sea Thank You

There was yet another fantastic effort by our school community at the City2Sea fun run, with 18 volunteers raising more than $500 for the college.
Our crew handed out medals, food and drink at the finish line and helped run baggage collection at Catani Park, St Kilda on Sunday 12 November. 
Head of Physical Education Emma Robbins said: "Everyone was outstanding. When things got busy we filled and handed out 1500 cups of water in 20 minutes! We also had fun cheering on Mr Alexander who was running on the day." 
A huge thank you to: Miss Robbins (who was also volunteering her time); parents Melinda Mancell and Sharina and Neale Delves; and students Bonnie Grining, Maggie Lambrechts, Eliza Fry, Sayler Delves, Brie Bartleet, Sophia Hodych, Choekyi Tenzin, Blanche Flaster, Angus Murphy, Liam Murphy, Holly Elms and Renee Warman.
The money will go towards sports equipment.
Bang Wombat (band members Marven Lim and Jackson Clothier) also performed en route.