Year 10: Career Pathways & Preparing for VCE

Career and subject counselling ensures students move into the VCE with a clear pathway for the future. We encourage Year 10 students to have high expectations of themselves as they set and pursue their goals.

Students will adopt the VCE learning culture. This includes VCE-style assessments and exams and dedicated coaching on the skills and academic habits they will need for their final school years.

The VCE Early Entrance Program is a popular opportunity. This is a chance to ‘get a head start’ on the VCE by taking Units 1 and 2 of a subject in Year 10 followed by Units 3 and 4 in Year 11, giving students an extra subject that contributes to their final ATAR score and an important taste of what's ahead in Year 12.

Career counselling and VCE subject planning is a major focus of Year 10.  To support this, all students undertake a week of work experience. We also teach essential work skills such as writing resumes and job applications, and interview skills.  Students are encouraged to speak to a variety of mentors throughout their school and community to explore possible pathways. They also attend university open days and TAFE ‘taster’ classes.

Middle School Certificate

For Year 9 and 10 students, our Middle School Certificate provides a specialised two-year program to engage students and prepare them for the VCE.  Like in the VCE, students design their own course program. This gives them a sense of ownership of their learning and allows them to pursue their talents.

Students complete 24 courses (six per semester) across all learning domains over two years. The majority of courses will be combined classes of Year 9 and 10 students that address the Victorian Curriculum in a very engaging and topic-specific context. This ‘vertical’ streaming allows us to offer a wider variety of courses: Robotics, Coding, Forensic Science, Creative Writing, Sculpture, Sports Administration, to name a few. Read more

Personal Growth

In addition to our rich choice of co-curricular activities, Year 10s are invited to engage in:

  • International study tours to Japan and France and the international exchange program
  • Year 10 Formal
  • Leadership roles such as membership in the SRC or Peer Support Program