Year 8: Explore Directions

We encourage our students to develop as individuals, building confidence in the classroom while exploring their talents with co-curricular activities.

With a team of teachers dedicated to Year 8, our program ‘Exploring Directions’ revolves around harnessing and rewarding each student’s ‘magic’. This means regularly celebrating all students’ achievements, measured against their own tailored learning plan. Maths and English classes are taught in flexible small groups tailored to students’ point of need. 

Whether it’s sport, music or debating, this is the perfect time for students to explore their talents before homework requirements escalate. Our passionate teachers excel in helping students find opportunities to pursue their interests. Building students’ confidence through co-curricular activities also results in better academic outcomes.

School camp is a compulsory opportunity for students to develop social skills. Year 8 and 9 students choose between three camps catering for different interests (art, surfing and outdoor adventure).  Involving two year levels builds opportunities for leadership and strengthens the ‘college community’. There is also an optional study trip to France for Year 8 and 9 students.

In the classroom and beyond, we help Year 8 students develop their MAGIC through the following themes:

Motivation & Action: Creating a positive learning environment for students to work collaboratively and motivate each other. Working with students to find solutions to learning challenges, set goals and plan how to achieve them.

Growth: At this important time for social, emotional and cognitive growth, activities are built into the curriculum to develop resilience and independence. 

Involvement: Students are expected to become more involved in, and accountable for, their own learning. They will learn essential skills for the rest of high school, including time management, homework habits and team work.

Connection: We strongly encourage Year 8s to take advantage of the diverse co-curricular activities on offer. This helps them explore their talents and feel excited about school. Classroom activities are designed to help build friendships.

Year 8 Subjects

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Humanities (History, Geography)

  • Science

  • French or Japanese (with option to study both)

  • Health and Physical Education

  • The Arts (Music, Drama, Art)

  • Food Technology