Years 11 & 12: The VCE Years

Our students consistently achieve excellent VCE results, creating pathways to tertiary study and a successful foundation for their futures.

Our comprehensive range of academic, arts and vocational studies allows students to create a VCE study plan that complements their individual skills and aspirations. Through extensive career counselling and mentoring in Year 10, each student starts the VCE with a career pathway and clear goals in mind.

Year 11 subjects are tailored to create a pathway to Year 12 and beyond. We encourage students to follow their enhancement subject from Year 10 into Units 3 and 4 in Year 11. This allows students to complete six Year 12 subjects across the two years, adding significant marks to their ATAR (tertiary entrance rank).

Year 12 students are encouraged to undertake five Unit 3 and 4 subjects, with a sixth subject block dedicated to private study.

In addition to our VCE programme, all students are offered the opportunity to participate in Vocational Education and Training Programmes (VET). Most of the VET subjects are provided by arrangement with a cluster of schools, the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster (IMVC). Students travel to other locations when their VET subject is taught. For further information please refer to the IMVC Website. 

Please note: Elwood College does not offer Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) as an option for Year 11 and 12 students.

High Expectations

Elwood College provides a setting for students to work hard while enjoying their final years at school. As well as time in the class room, each VCE or VET subject will require at least three hours of work during private study periods and at home each week.  To prepare students for the VCE, Year 11 and 12 students engage in numerous workshops, led by college staff and outside providers, covering time and stress management, organisation and study habits.  The Year 12 Step Up Program assists students to set goals and expertly craft their study skills in preparation for their final year.  In the lead up to their final exams, students are supported by the Final Countdown Program, where additional workshops help students to focus on this final commitment.

As senior members of the college, our VCE students are also expected to demonstrate leadership in terms of behaviour and school spirit. A number of school events and programs will require senior students to collaborate with staff and the community, mentor their younger peers and practise the life skills they will need beyond their school years.