Year 7: Welcome to Elwood

This year is dedicated to helping students feel safe, happy and engaged at Elwood, giving them the best start for their exciting journey through secondary school.

The curriculum offers students regular opportunities to celebrate their achievements, empowering them with confidence in their learning. Individual and small group tuition is central to our approach, especially in English and Maths. In Year 7 we have a special focus on numeracy, with the equivalent of one full day’s tuition devoted to mathematics every week.

To help every student feel connected at school, the curriculum also features built-in opportunities for students to develop trusted relationships with peers and teachers. We encourage students to get involved in a diverse array of activities, including House competitions (swimming, athletics, performing arts), leadership opportunities (form group, environment, and house representatives, Student Representative Council), clubs (school productions, debating, band, choir, journalism, sport teams), and music (group tuition in a variety of instruments).

We also start teaching the practical skills and behaviours required for the years ahead. Key skills include using school diaries to stay organised, understanding teacher feedback and using college facilities. We also work on issues like bullying, class behaviour, school values and attendance – again, helping build skills for school and life.

Year 7 Subjects

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Humanities (History and Geography)

  • Science

  • French and Japanese

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Arts (Music, Art and Drama)

  • Food Technology


‘Second Storey’ Transition

To harness the teaching expertise already invested in each student, we have developed a sophisticated transition process with our feeder primary schools. Detailed reports (including NAPLAN, VELS, OnDemand data and teacher insights) ensure we have the best understanding of every student. We then tailor programs that extend and support students to their full potential.

Our transition program includes:

  • Taste-test visits and sample classes during Grade 6.

  • College tours and annual open night.

  • Year 7 Perspectives - students return to their primary schools to offer advice for the journey ahead.

  • Three Orientation Days in Grade 6.

  • Transition Week in first week- students participate in workshops that detail expectations for behavior, organisation and work.

  • Term 1 theme of ‘Getting Involved’ ensures students feel happy, safe and connected to their new peers, staff and learning environments.