Supporting Year 7

Year 7 Learning Leader Kia Pritchard completed her teacher training at Elwood College and loved it so much she never left.

This year we have two Year 7 Learning Leaders looking after a record seven form groups. What are the keys to a great start to secondary school?
My top tip for Year 7s is to get involved and give everything a go. Try to be organised and communicate with your teachers, peers and parents.

We provide lots of activities to get students involved and meeting new people, including their fellow Year 7s, as well as teachers and students from other year levels. The Year 7 camp is in first term and our big whole-school sports events (swimming and athletics) are early in Year 7. We also celebrate the end of first term with Pirate Day and a tree-planting event, which is lots of fun.

Practical subjects such as drama, science, physical education and food technology are also fantastic for students to get to know each other.

What drew you to Elwood College?
I started at Elwood College as a university student doing placement and really loved the atmosphere and community feel to this school. I was attracted to work here by the diversity of the college community, the great resources and team environment.

What subjects do you teach?

I teach a broad range of subjects areas, including English, Maths and Science. I enjoy teaching English because of the creative ways in which the subject can be approached, as well as the debates and discussions that develop. On the other hand I enjoy teaching Maths because of the methodical approaches that can be taken and how relevant it is to everyday life. I also love all the experiments and different areas that are explored in Science, which allow us to understand how the world works.
 What are your interests outside of teaching?
I love to run and swim and each weekend you will find me getting outdoors and looking for some sort of adventure. I also love to read, travel and learn about all different cultures.