Student Wellbeing and Support

Elwood College recognises the integral role that schools play in promoting the social and emotional development and wellbeing of young Australians. Student resilience and wellbeing are essential components for both academic and social development, which are encouraged by being in environments that promote safe, supported and respectful learning. Schools share this responsibility with the whole community. 



Elwood College has a comprehensive instrumental music program providing students with the opportunity to develop skills, acquire knowledge and learn to appreciate music.  

In Year 7, all students learn an instrument, with a diverse choice of instruments, including voice. From Year 8 onwards, continued tuition is a popular option. Music Performance is offered as a VCE subject.

Basketball Academy

The Elwood College Basketball Academy is an optional, fee-based program offering professional coaching on site before and after school. The academy is proving hugely popular in its first year, with more than 60 students enjoying the sporting and social aspects of the program.

The Academy is a partnership between Elwood College and Chase Basketball (an initiative of Australian Basketball Resources).