Welcoming school community

Elwood College has been an integral part of the local community for over 60 years.

Our school is home to a friendly and lively social atmosphere, meaning it is a community more than simply a school. Our geographical situation in the heart of the vibrant beachside suburb of Elwood means that we can utilise our surroundings, including via sports excursions to the beach and local parks.

The partnership between families and the college is vital, and we urge parents to be involved in their child’s secondary education.  A parent’s active understanding of their child’s learning is crucial from kindergarten through to secondary school, and we recognise that a strong school-home partnership correlates with stronger learning outcomes for our students.

Further strengthening our school community is the Elwood Learning Hub. This is a dynamic partnership between Elwood’s three tiers of education: Elwood College, Elwood Primary School, and Poet’s Grove Family and Children’s Centre. We work together to support children and families, and build smoother transitions between kindergarten, primary and secondary.

The sense of community at Elwood College contributes to a positive social atmosphere and promotes a strong sense of belonging.