Welcoming school community

Elwood College has been serving the local community for more than 50 years. It is a vibrant part of the Elwood community - and a community in itself! Being a smaller school, we cherish the opportunity to really get to know our students and their families.

We value the partnership between families and the college - and encourage parents to be as involved as they can in the life of the school. For students, we know the feeling of 'being connected' at school contributes to better learning outcomes.

Parents choosing Elwood College can have confidence in the care and education provided to each student, knowing that the sense of community here is a unique opportunity. Choosing Elwood College over a private school often means stronger connections for families in their local community, shorter travel times, less financial stress and therefore more family time – all important factors in your child’s ability to thrive at school.

Further strenghtening this is the Elwood Learning Hub. This is a dynamic partnership between Elwood’s three tiers of education: Elwood College, Elwood Primary School, and Poet’s Grove Family and Children’s Centre. Together, the three learning centres are creating a high quality public education pathway in one neighbourhood, from early childhood right through to VCE. We work together to support children and families, build smoother transitions between kindergarten/primary/secondary and promote a positive social environment. By harnessing and building our community, we can offer a sense of belonging for all students, their families, teachers and the broader community.