Year 10 Pathways

The Year 10 cohort learnt new skills and information, including time management, exam preparation and understanding VCE subjects and ATAR scores. Year 10 Leadership Co-captain Vadhana Anil Ram reports.

Pathways Week, a successful tradition at Elwood College, helps Year 10 students to prepare and build their future. Three days full of information on how to improve skills and how tasks and work will be assessed. Many of us found it stressful, or rather frightening, to think about the future but our experienced teachers and staff made sure to reassure and support us.

The first day (Monday 15 February) was as simple as going into classrooms and getting an introductory speech on what Year 10 is about and how work experience – which will take place 22-26 June – can help us choose our career paths. With provided snacks at recess and fun sports to play afterwards, the day was enjoyable.

The next day we had an excursion, a scavenger hunt in the city around either Melbourne University or RMIT. Students were split into groups of five and were expected to find 14 locations within the universities. As evidence we were asked to take selfies in front of those locations. An exhausting day spent in the city paid off for one group winning a special treat for themselves (pictured).

On the final day, we got deeper and more serious into looking at the types of industries we wanted to get into and which universities would offer appropriate courses. Teachers also helped us individually with identifying our interests and skills. And with that we ended a very helpful session.

I personally found Pathways Week very valuable and worthwhile, as it gave everyone an overview on how the next three years is going to be. I also felt very comfortable with the environment and hope this program continues.