Declan Mulcahy 2012 Dux

ATAR 98.85

There was unbridled relief and joy when I discovered that all my hard work had paid off with an ATAR score more than enough to get me into the tertiary education I desired.

At that moment it became apparent that the two years of blood, sweat, toil and tears had been worth every minute, and would steer me into the next phase of my life, completing an Arts degree at the University of Melbourne.

However, before initiating my year of study I headed off for a six-week solo venture to Central Europe and the Balkan States. This culturally breathtaking experience not only cleansed my mind in preparation for the coming year, but provided me with the foundations of an independence that will expand immensely as I proceed through university and beyond. 

In completing my arts degree in the next few years and planning to major in Cinema Studies, I hope to move towards a career in the film industry. I'm positive that the University can fill me with all the knowledge I need to pursue this passion.

Of course, I would never have found myself in such a position if it wasn't for my schooling at Elwood College. Not only did the teaching staff educate me to the mark I needed but the support of the school community ensured that my time at secondary school was not merely successful, but enjoyable too.