Diverse Interests

Kia Pritchard starts her career at Elwood College in 2016, although she is already familiar with the school.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time at Elwood College, volunteering and completing placement as a university student. I have an undergraduate degree in Arts and Science, and have just completed my Master of Teaching, all from Monash University. I chose to follow the path of teaching so that I have the chance to use my interests in a way that helps others.

I can teach a broad range of subjects areas, including English, Maths and Science. I enjoy teaching English because of the creative ways in which the subject can be approached, as well as the debates and discussions that develop. On the other hand I enjoy teaching Maths because of the methodical approaches that can be taken and how relevant it is to everyday life. I also love all the experiments and different areas that are explored in Science, which allow us to understand how the world works.

I have really grown to love the atmosphere and community feel to this school. I was attracted to work here by the diversity of the college community, the great resources and team environment.

My hobbies include running, swimming and travelling. I love to run and swim and each weekend you will find me getting outdoors and looking for some sort of adventure. I also love to travel and learn about all different cultures. My latest trip was to Southeast Asia. I have a very cuddly Cavoodle named Suki and a naughty kitten called Pecan.