General Information

Elwood College is committed to providing International Students with the highest standards of education. All students are encouraged to become confident learners, acquiring knowledge and language skills that are highly valued internationally. This enables them to apply for entry to universities in Australia or in their home countries.

Our Orientation Program, caring Homestay hosts and (optional) Intensive English Program give international students the very best start to life in Melbourne.

International students study English as a Second Language (ESL) and a selection of other subjects. Our English Language Centre caters to every level from beginners to advanced, with expert teachers who specialise in the teaching of ESL.

International students will experience a variety of college activities, including camps and excursions around Melbourne and beyond. There are many opportunities to join local students in sports, drama, music, art and other clubs.


  • Airport pick-up and transport to accommodation         

  • Homestay accommodation arranged and supervised by the college.

  • Orientation Program to help students feel settled at school and in Melbourne.

  • Optional intensive English language program (10 and 20 week programs; separate tuition fees apply).

  • Welfare support. Every student has at least four adults who will take care of them.

  • Assistance. Dedicated staff can help with visas, study program, career advice, travel arrangements, medical problems, etc.

  • Social activities including sport, music, the arts, excursions and international camp.


We select homestay families to ensure students are well cared for in high quality homes close to the college. Homestay is an excellent way for students to improve their English, feel ‘at home’ in Melbourne and experience the Australian way of life. Homestay includes a private bedroom, the use of other areas in the house (TV room, laundry, bathroom and kitchen) and the provision of three meals every day.

Every student has at least four adults who will take care of them, including the program Director and Manager, the homestay parent and a welfare support officer appointed by the college.

When students share accommodation, our policy is to ensure that language groups are mixed to encourage English language skills.


At the start of the school year, all International students participate in a special orientation program which ensures that they are quickly linked with existing students and enables easy transition into study and homestay life.


Students who arrive with initial knowledge of English are offered the Intensive English Program run by highly qualified ESL teachers. This (optional) program focuses on initial communication skills and building the language required for subject areas, in preparation for senior level education. English language and study support is available for all subjects. Student progress is monitored and measured four times a year and reports sent to parents.


There are regular gatherings of International Students and important cultural occasions are celebrated, such as Chinese/Vietnamese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, International Food Day.


The school has an international program coordinator who helps students in adjusting to their new surroundings and studies.


Many assistants help students in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, German and French languages. Students' Academic Reports are translated four times a year and sent to parents.


All students are looked after by professionally qualified guardians. This is a service provided at no cost to students.


All students have access to career counselling throughout their course of study.

For more information, contact our International Students Program Manager, Ms STELLA TURCHINA, or email us at

Department of Education and Training Victoria CRICOS Provider Code 00861k