Would you like to host a student from our Japanese sister school for one week in August? On 2-8 August, we have about 16 students visiting from Obu Higashi High School as part of our long-running exchange program.

We are seeking expressions of interest from families who can voluntarily offer homestay to students on 2-8 August.

Host families’ responsibilities are:

  • to offer accommodation to a student (six nights) – a shared bedroom is just fine;
  • to offer three meals a day during his/her stay; and
  • to assist the student to go to and return from the school.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your child’s education, particularly if your child is interested in our biannual school trip to Japan, and wishes to build a friendship with an Obu Higashi student prior to the trip. 

Hosting a Japanese student provides a highly beneficial opportunity for Elwood College students to improve their Japanese language skills and learn firsthand about the Japanese culture as they interact both formally and informally a student from Japan of similar age.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, please email our Japanese teacher Hiroki Kurihara at at your earliest convenience.

Party Safe with Paul Dillon: Tuesday 8 August, 7-9pm, Phoenix Theatre

This session is for PARENTS ONLY with drug education expert Paul Dillon. (We will be running tailored sessions for Year 9, 10 and 11 students at school on Friday, 2 June). Through his business, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA), Paul works with school communities to provide best practice drug education and practical advice. Please feel free to forward this invitation to any non-EC parents who may be interested.

We invite all parents to attend this evening with founding director Hugh van Cuylenburg: Tuesday 13 June, 6.30-8pm, Phoenix Theatre.

Find out more about how we are teaching positive mental health strategies at school and how parents can build on this at home. This year we are dedicating one class per fortnight to teaching The Resilience Project in Years 7-10. Hugh will explain the background to the program, including the three tenets of building resilience (gratitude, mindfulness and empathy). Hugh says these are not necessarily character traits, but skills that can be learned and harnessed through practise. 

Hugh's presentation to staff last year was very entertaining and informative. This event is sure to be fantastic.

Food Technology teacher Tim Purcell reports on a successful day of cookbook sales at the Elwood Farmers Market on 13 May.
A number of our Year 10 students came together to promote and sell the Elwood College Community Cookbook 'Come to the Table' just in time for Mothers Day. Noah Bakos demonstrated his skills as a sales extraordinaire finalising the majority of book sales. 
A number of the cookbook favourites were on show with Catalina Acuna, Nikolas Vicencio, Madeleine Krishnapillai and Annalise Smith putting on a number of masterclass demonstrations of 'Breakfast Pancakes' (page 8) with raspberry and blueberry sauces. Meanwhile, Copper Taylor-Bogaars and Mali Palacio-Hazewinkel sparked a lot of interest by handing out delicious sweet treats for people to taste.
On the Friday before the market, 7E cooked up a storm by making 'Mix & Match Muesli Slice' (page 72). Thomas Stubbs, Oliver Schneider and Oskar Bakos were all present at the market to show off their fantastic cooking. The Year 11 Food Studies group baked some mouthwatering 'Vegan Brownies' (page 71) that were a real favourite among the taste testers (and of course student volunteers).
I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all students who helped out on the day and for cooking beautifully on Friday. Also, a big THANK YOU to Kerryn Stubbs from the 'Parent & Friends' Committee who organised the event and her husband Peter for all your help on the day. Finally, THANK YOU Bridget Kosla-Brown and Michael Perrone for your help on Saturday.
Cookbooks are still available at Administration for $35 each or on SPECIAL at 2 for $50.
Photos: Mr Purcell with Noah Bakos 'Sales Extraordinaire' (left) and Oskar Bakos who made the 'Mix & Match Muesli Slice'. 
Catalina Acuna and Annalise Smith demonstrating a 'Pancake Masterclass'. 
P.S. A round of applause to Mr Purcell for coordinating this brilliant team effort.    

Thank you to all the International Students who put on a wonderful feast for staff and students on Thursday, 18 May.

International Food Day is a huge highlight on our college calendar - a great opportunity to get to know our International Students better as they share their food and culture with us.