2019 VCE Results Update

Year 7 2014

Assisting our students to achieve their best in the VCE is a source of pride for the teachers and staff at Elwood College.

We measure our success by consistently achieving excellent VCE results and seeing our students move on to exciting futures we have helped them to plan.

The vast majority of our students go on to tertiary study with a high rate accepted into their first choice of university course. In fact, Elwood College is part of the inaugural roll-out for first round university offers for a December release.

Our statistics are very encouraging. Of our 60 students, 40 students received their first round offer. This is significant for the fact that the round of offers released in January are still the main offers made to students.

‘The Age’ (18/12/19) published our median subject study score of 30 with more than 12% of students earning above 40 in their respective subjects. This is a very pleasing improvement on previous years.

Further statistical indicators would suggest that the VCE success for 2019 can be attributed to the Reading Program in year levels 7 to 10 and the consistent leadership of the VCE learning leaders.


For more information on individual student results, see our VCE Stories page