7C reports on first day

English teacher Miss B-C (Ella Broughton-Cunningham) asked her 7C class to report on their first day of high school. Here is a selection of their comments:

Layla B “This morning I was nervous and excited but I feel quite comfortable being at another school. I’m looking forward to learning new subjects and getting to know everyone.”

Macoy “Now I feel more confident at Elwood. I am looking forward to next week and the next six years at Elwood.”

Kirra “Today felt like another transition day but next week it will probably feel like I’m actually in Year 7. This morning we all got settled in and got diaries and lockers.”

Rachel “The first day was mostly a success! I met really nice girls called Hannah, Brier and Charlotte. I am looking forward to sports on Wednesdays.”

Layla G “We had a mini tour, set up our computers and then we had to fill out a questionnaire.”

Anton “I felt fine and ready for school. At the moment I feel normal. I am looking forward to camp. When it was lunch we sat around and talked. I thought that high school would be fun and I was right. My favourite subject is Maths because I like numbers.”

Aurora “I met a new girl called Ursula who is in my class. My first day was OK. In the morning I was really nervous. I am slowly getting used to the school.”

Leon “This morning I felt like it was a normal school day but when I put on my uniform I felt really weird. It was like I was going from the top of the school to the bottom.”

Hugo “Recess and lunch was fun. I met Louis, Eli and Jet.”

Sebastian “I had a really fun time with my friends and met new teachers. For recess I had some strawberries and for lunch I had a meat pie. My favourite subjects are History and Geography.”

Duke “This morning I was really excited and happy to be spending the day with my friends. I think my favourite subjects will be PE and English.”

Louie “My first day of high school was really good. I wasn’t worried at all in the morning and it was really easy to work out where everything was. I am really looking forward to sport and the basketball academy.”

Dael "This morning I felt excited and a little nervous. I feel used to school now."

Caleb "The first day was really fun. I met some extremely cool people. I now feel a lot better about high school than I did at the start of the day."

Marlon "We didn't do much today, just talked and found out how to do stuff. I found out my class was with Macoy, Duke and Max."

Jasmine "I met a lot of new friends. I thought it would be really scary going to Elwood College but it was fun. I learnt new things and I can't wait for Monday."

Max "I had fun learning how it all worked. I'm not really nervous about anything as it feels kind of surreal."