Amazing Ski Camp

Forty students attended Ski Camp on 22-25 August. They also participated in the Inter-School Snow Sports, where Year 8 student Amy Richardson came 7th in the Giant Slalom and Year 10 student Amber Bristow came 10th in Snowboarding. Thanks to camp supervisors Mr Barr, Ms Paxton, Mr Lofgren and Mr Burton.

Amy Richardson reports.

The whole ski camp experience is completely unique and amazing. You cannot compare it to a trip to the snow with family or friends. While the odd food served at dinner and the boundaries set by teachers seemed annoying at the time, it all added up to a really memorable experience.

The movies in the cinemas, trips down to the supermarket and the pool and spa were all night activities included within the camp.

My participation in the skier slalom race would not have been able to happen if it were not for the school. I placed 7th in the race, which to me seemed surprising because of the looks of the competition. The girls competing in the race all had their own skis, and all good-looking ski gear expect for us Elwood girls. For me, those things seemed intimidating.

Over the four days, we had amazing weather. Aside from the second day, which had non-stop snow, there was sun almost all the time. The slopes were really good while skiing and snowboarding, and everyone had the best time. Like most, I am so excited to hopefully go back next year.