Aquatics and Marine Studies Surf Camp

Year 9 student Brie Bartleet reports on the middle school Aquatics and Marine Studies class Surf Camp:

On the 6th of November the Semester 2 Aquatics and Marine Studies class headed down the Victorian coast for surf camp. On day one we left and made our way to Torquay for our first surf lesson. Everyone got in the water and gave it a really good go. There was a solid two-three foot swell and some fun waves. Nearly everyone stood up on a wave and everyone came out of the water with big smiles on their faces. We then had lunch and headed down to Lorne to Cumberland River Holiday Park and set up camp. The next day we woke up to rain but persevered and got ready for our second surf lesson in Lorne. We rocked up to some solid three-four foot and steep face waves caused by strong northerly winds which were a bit intimidating for some people. It was now raining, windy and cold but everyone once again put on a brave face and got in the water. We had a surf for two hours then took a break for lunch. Everyone came out of the water very cold but with big smiles and ‘epic wipe-out’ stories. We then had a break for lunch and luckily Ms Lang bought some hot chips for everyone warming everyone up and lifting their spirits. A little while later most people got back into the water for the third surf session. Everyone came out of the water exhausted but stoked. We then headed back to camp to get warm. We had a good dinner then sat around the fire reflecting on the amazing time we had all had at camp. The next morning we woke up and luckily got a quick break from the rain to pack up all the tents and gear and then we jumped on the bus to head back to school as the weather didn’t hold up for the hike that was planned. Everyone had a great time at camp, learned new skills, challenged themselves and got closer as a group.